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Outside Voice Selective Mutism Camp Winter 2020 - Murrieta, CA

Sunday, January 5 - Wednesday, January 8, 2020

We are hosting 2 camps simultaneously:

Ages 3-9 and Ages 10-14

Camp will run from 9am - 2:30pm daily,

with parent-training daily from 9:15am - 10:15am.

Does your child have difficulty speaking in school? Talking to peers and new adults? Communicating his or her needs? Outside Voice Selective Mutism Day Camp can help! Outside Voice creates a school-like environment that is made to foster your child’s growth and confidence in speaking with new peers and adults.  Our skilled counselors will help your child conquer their anxiety around speaking and will help them start to use their “Outside Voice.”

Benefits of Camp

At Outside Voice, your child will work on mastering the following goals:

o   Speaking with a new adult (counselor)

o   Speaking with a new peer

o   Raising their hand in a group setting

o   Presenting to the group

o   Making brave guesses

o   Asking for “Help”

o   Asking to use the restroom (and actually using it; all attendees must be fully potty trained)

o   Using common greetings (e.g., “Hello,” “Goodbye,” Name Introduction, and saying “Please” and “Thank You”)

o   Engaging in spontaneous speech with counselor(s) and peer(s)

o   Eating with peers

o   Participating in celebrations


Camp is held across 4 days, with the final day including a field trip where your child will have the chance to show off their “Outside Voice!” Parents will provide transportation for their child to and from the field trip, but will not attend the field trip itself.


Parent Involvement

In order to support one another while learning and fine-tuning the skills necessary to help your child work on using their “Outside Voice” long after camp has ended, parents will engage in daily parent-skills sessions.  These sessions are 1-hour in length and occur in the morning on each of the 4 days of camp.  On Day 3 of camp, you will have the option to sign up for mini-sessions to engage with your child in the group setting and incorporate the skills you’ve learned while your child shows off theirs!  While these sessions are optional, we consider them extremely beneficial for you and your child. Through exposure, we can work together to help your child climb this “mountain.”



There are four components to camp, each of which have a separate fee schedule: Intake Evaluation, Registration, Camp Readiness Session(s), and Camp.

o   Intake Evaluation: Families will meet with one of our clinicians either in-person or via a HIPPA-compliant web system (if commuting long-distance) to complete a thorough intake evaluation in order to verify diagnosis and determine appropriateness for camp.  If after the evaluation we find that your child is not appropriate for camp, you will be reimbursed 50% of the cost of the session. Intake Evaluation Fee is waived for current Pinnacle Counseling and Testing Center clients, as you would have already completed this session before therapy started.

o   Registration: After the initial evaluation is complete and it is determined that your child is appropriate for camp, a $500 registration fee is required in order to secure your child’s place at Outside Voice.  This fee will be applied to the cost of camp. Canceled registrations will be refunded at 50% up until Thursday, October 31st at midnight. After that time, registration fees will be non-refundable. Registration will close on December 10, 2020.

o   Camp Readiness Session(s): After the registration fee has been paid, your child will be scheduled for a Camp Readiness session.  Camp Readiness occurs in the days just before camp starts and is where we work with you and your child together to get your child talking to one of our counselors.  While some children are able to achieve this goal in one session, others may need more time.  Camp Readiness sessions can typically range anywhere from 1-6 hours.  The cost is dependent upon the amount of time your child requires to get speaking, as well as the staff involvement required to assist him or her in achieving that goal. Current Pinnacle Counseling and Testing Center clients who have already successfully completed a fade-in of a new adult do not need to complete an additional Camp Readiness session.

o   Camp: The 4-day Outside Voice Camp is $2500.  This includes the cost of materials, snacks, parent training, and the field trip on the last day of camp!

Siblings will be offered a 10% discount after the first child’s registration is paid in full.

We offer payment plans and scholarships for families in need.