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Who We Are

Photo by Brenda Boyd Photography

Photo by Brenda Boyd Photography

Dr. Carissa Douglas, PsyD

Psychological assistant (PSB94021524)

Supervised by Clarissa Gosney, Psy.D. (PSY29633)

Dr. Douglas helps children and adolescents overcome their challenges with anxiety, depression, trauma, and other stress-related issues by providing a safe place for them to share what they are experiencing.  She begins all treatment with teaching and practicing coping skills so that her clients can effectively manage their symptoms throughout the course of treatment.  She firmly believes in family involvement, providing parent education and training on how to continue the benefits of treatment in the home environment.  Dr. Douglas has a passion for working collaboratively with her clients and their families in schools and other community settings to help them achieve their goals.

Photo by Brenda Boyd Photography

Photo by Brenda Boyd Photography

Dr. Lindsay Haig, PsyD

Licensed PsychologisT

Dr. Haig helps struggling children, teenagers, and adults to overcome their obstacles and reach their underlying potentials. By building connection, improving communication, and generating meaning, she helps individuals experience their lives as more joyful and less stressful. Figuring out the best way to help yourself or your child can be a daunting task, and she is here to help you navigate through that process. We always want to do best for ourselves and our children. Through therapy, Dr. Haig can help you open the door for amazing transformations to occur.

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Photo by Brenda Boyd Photography

Photo by Brenda Boyd Photography

Dr. Clarissa Gosney, PsyD

Licensed Psychologist (PSY 29633)

I help children and adults overcome the mountain of anxiety and traumatic experiences that have left them feeling defeated.  I do this by providing individuals and families the tools they need to conquer anxiety, regardless of where or how it presents itself.  I help my clients face their fears head-on through exposure therapy, while helping them apply the tools they learned in session to help manage their anxiety.  In doing so, they can prove to themselves that many situations are not as frightening as their anxiety makes them seem.  My goal is for my clients to experience the long-term benefits of hands-on, short-term therapy. This way, they learn how they can conquer lifeā€™s mountains independently without feeling dependent on long-term treatment.

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