For Adolescents

With a societal expectation to perform (and perform well), teens are feeling the pressure.  While we cannot possibly excel at everything, striving for perfection often leads to anxiety and stress.


Some teens show their stress by biting their finger nails or spending extended time perfecting their school work.  Still, some others show it by becoming irritable, avoiding, or by giving up at the first sign of a challenge.  Some adolescents may not even recognize that they are anxious, but experience stomach pain, tightness in their chest, headaches, or lethargy that have no medical basis.  While a medical evaluation is recommended to ensure this is not a sign of a medical issue, these are also common symptoms of anxiety.

At Pinnacle Counseling and Testing Center, we specialize in the treatment of anxiety, trauma, and stress… no matter what form it takes.  Our goal is to help your teen once again begin to enjoy their life while confidently managing the responsibilities that come with it.